Business decisions are key to success of your business. Business Decisions are based on how good the information in a way transaction data. However, over the last decade, data volumes have grown tremendously and compounded the intricacies involved in their processing and analysis. Industries trends indicate that growth will rapidly accelerate, resulting in generation of multiple terabytes, even petabytes, of data over the coming years. Atul Infotech provide robust and flexible analysis of Business KPI’s that would help your organization to grow and meet expected goals.Atul Infotech offers business intelligence and data warehousing solutions that will effectively manage your information assets to produce actionable intelligence and will enable you to take business decisions. We help organizations strategize, formulate and execute BI strategies.

Our core expertize lies in designing and implementing end to end Data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution on 100% Open Source Platform (zero capital outflow) which can extract data from any of your existing database(including spreadsheets). Our BI dashboards can be tailored for a specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view or department.

Pentaho DI 1
Pentaho BI
Pentaho BI is open source platform which provides the architecture and infrastructure required to build solutions to business intelligence (BI) problems. It includes data integration , data mining , reporting and analysis tools.
Kettle Pentaho Data Integration (PDI, also called Kettle) is the component of Pentaho responsible to the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) the processes. Though,ETL tools are most frequently used in data warehouses environments.
Job scheduler
Job scheduler A job scheduler is a computer application for controlling unattended background program execution (commonly called batch processing). Synonyms are batch system, distributed resource management system (DRMS), and distributed resource manager (DRM).
Qlickview is In-Memory business analysis tool.QlikView dashboards are new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward. QlikView delivers data visually that provides context to the data in rich but simple format.
Pentaho Reporting
Pentaho Reporting is tool for creating pixel perfect reports. With Pentaho Reporting you are able to transform data into meaningful information tailored to your audience. You can create HTML, Excel, PDF, Text or printed reports. If you are a developer, you can also produce CSV and XML reports to feed other systems.
MySQL is a open source database management system. MySQL can run on UNIX, Windows and Mac OS. MySQL widely used for web applications. MySQL has became popular alternative for propiority database system because of high speed and reliability.